Reminder of Seattle

This recently ran through the Seattle sailing community like wildfire, but since not everyone following this blog is part of that community I thought I would share it here.  It highlights Duck Dodge, a local Seattle beer can race with theme nights, along with a few clips of the Downtown Sailing Series run out of the Elliot Bay Marina.  Seeing it after leaving Seattle was a tad bittersweet, over the last few years Duck Dodge has been one of the highlights of my summer, if not my overall life experience.  Jenn and I met on the Duck Dodge and I’ve made new friends during it along with cementing some old friendships.  I’m sure I’ll peek at this from time to time as I travel the world on my boat for a reminder of one of my favorite events back home.  If you see a black boat with a unique yellow stripe named Absolutely, Jenn and I are probably on it.

Of course, the end of the video reminds me why I’m sailing into Mexico in a couple days.