Bucerias Street Fair, a photo essay

I think I can see my house.

I’ve had a hard time getting a chance to upload some pictures from a street fair in Bucerias, the next down south of La Cruz where we are staying.  Jenn and I took a bus down and wandered around for a few hours.  I think we missed the real party with the locals, as we had to take the last bus back around 9:00 pm (and there was some concern we had missed the last bus for a few minutes…).  Still, it was fun to check out the vendors and carnival booths.  Somehow not winning a prize when you’ve spend .40 cents is a lot easier to live with.  Plus, the prizes were mostly not cheap stuffed animals.  One booth even had bottles of alcohol as prizes, but you had to step up and spend about $1.60 to try and win that.  So, in one of my least wordy posts over, here are some pictures from the evening.

A senorita does some shopping.

Jenn kills some time sharpening her Fruit Ninja skills while we wait for the fair to get going

I'm a little sketchy on the mechanics of this ride.

I'm not sure this a licensed image of Winnie the Pooh.

Just some typical booths.

The sign does not encourage my business.

The futures so bright...

I love Mexican snacks.

Colorful local outfits.

These are prizes I would want to win.

A vendor arranging her wares just so.

A focused young motorcycle rider.

Apparently riding trains doesn't take as much focus as motorcycles.

I'm not sure I would look happy riding this ride either...

...especially when the attendant has to push the coaster to assist the start.

Someone is enjoy the ride!

Several tries did not yield a winning dart throw, but at least it was cheap and you could win cookies instead of cheap stuffed animals.

Some of the trinkets for sale, and my attempt to be artistic photographing them.

A young markswoman takes aim.

When I said full bar, I wasn't kidding.

Somehow people rolled marbles to try to win prizes. I need to learn a lot more Spanish to ask how this worked.

Our tasty dinner being cooked.

Jenn waits with anticipation, and a pittance of Pesos to pay for two hamburgers.

While probably tasty, we ordered food cooked to order.

A double decker trampoline. The mind kind of boggles. If I ever return to Burning Man, bringing one of these would be on my list.

A vendor demonstrates a toy - whether or not that is helping I'm not sure.

Some fresh doughnuts and a bus ride home complete the evening.

And that completes our evening at the street fair.  I’m off to finish some boat projects, and then we will start prepping to head south down the coast for a bit.  We are having a wonderful time in La Cruz, but it feels like time to head out, and we will be heading back by on our way north for the summer so we can catch back up with our favorite taco stands and the Huanacaxtle Cafe then.