Show me the Money!

This is a page to track the cost of cruising.  Currently the costs are preparing the boat for departure, but once we are out there we’ll log our costs for others to get an idea what they may spend.  As I’m starting this page after the boat prep began, some of the purchases are in the past and may be lumped together to show complete systems that required multiple items, or random items I’ve acquired via Craigslist.

Windvane – currently $950 for a used Fleming, plus $250 for a wheel adapter from a Monitor that I’m really hoping works with the Fleming.  More details to come as I install it.

Windlass – $100 purchased from a boat yard that was getting rid of random parts.

7-9-11 $358 Lifelines:  for all new lifelines, with about $80 still to spend to add two gates.

7-8-11 $9.12 Rigging Tape and hose clamps for lifelines and windvane mount

7-6-11 $15.41 Dinghy Seat bag to hold misc items in dinghy (bilge pump, running light, life vests) rather than let them sit in the bottom of the boat like they were doing.


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