Back in the Boat Life Again

I’m finally cruising again, so I guess it is time to start blogging again.  While taking a break (slacking off) from getting Ventured back in shape for a cruise south from Ensenada to parts south, I recently ran through the list of fellow sailors blogs I follow.  In a way it was rather depressing.  Most of the blogs were from boats that sailed south the same year I did, and several families are already done cruising and back living on land.  Several other boats are arriving in New Zealand and will either work there or possibly sell their boats and return home.  Two cruisers that sailed in the Baja Haha with me have passed away since that event.  RIP Dick and Brian.  It isn’t like I have some cruising high ground, I took the summer off to work and probably will do so next summer as well.  But I find it surprising that for so many friends the journey is already over, when I feel like mine is barely started.  

There are some changes here on Ventured too.  Jenn and Agnus are back on land living in Seattle.  I will have two guys on board for the trip south to Cabo that I met off the Lattitude 38 crew page.  Minion is on board and seems quite happy to be back on the boat, especially when I’m at anchor and he doesn’t have to be harnessed up allowing him to live within more than 6 feet on either side of his tie point. He is working his way through his old boat hangouts, my favorite of which is when he sleeps in a hammock full of clothes hanging over the v-berth. I’m settling back into boat life, and still remembering things about the boat I forgot in my 10 month absence.  I have most systems up and running fine but still need to get lazy jacks installed so my main will be collected on the boom when I drop it.  I have all the needed parts on board so hopefully at the next anchorage I can tackle the project.  It involves going up the mast, always one of my favorite activities.  But there are a couple other tasks up the mast too, including a non functioning steaming light so I think it is time for a trip aloft.  

I will admit getting back into the swing of blogging is proving difficult.  The above two paragraphs were written quite awhile back, but I just never got around to writing more and posting it.  I’m now in La Paz, and probably part of the reason was a somewhat rough trip down the coast, and visit to Cabo.  So, I’ll tease with that in hopes it will force me to focus on writing down the details of the trip.  And in case you are worried I’m now in La Paz and things have been going better.


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