Chubasco-ed (sort of)

I’m not sure if it is a full on Chubasco, but this morning we suddenly had a strong wind appear out of nowhere. We don’t have an anemometer installed on the boat (although we do have one on the boat…) but the wind was enough to wake Jenn up. Some of us were already up, I guess the males on the boat are early risers.
While we have heard Chubascos can have winds up to 70 mph, we are probably maxing out around 30 mph which is nothing we haven’t seen before.

Fog and rain and wind, Oh My!

We are currently watching the wind blow, rain pour and (gulp) occasional lightning strike. It is so gray and rainy I feel like I’m in an episode of The Killing. On the plus side since we still happen to be on a mooring ball we don’t have to worry about the anchor dragging, although I have warmed up the engine just in case we need it for something unexpected – or would that be expected since I’m getting ready for said something? Either way, so far this is more fun than frightening, and the boat is getting a much needed fresh water bath. The biggest downside is despite high 80 degree temperature with the wind and rain I’m actually a bit cold. I suppose I could solve this by putting on more than a swimsuit. I seem to recall having foul weather gear on the boat somewhere, but it might require some looking. The other negative is we rely heavily on our solar, which is not making much power at all right now. I do love my green energy but it looks like it may take some good old fashioned fossil fuels to get our batteries charged back up today.

A blue catamaran next to us riding out the weather.

At least we aren’t anchored over by the resort trying to hang out by the pool today!