Quick Update

This will not be my typical update. No photos, and very brief. We had a good, fairly uneventful crossing from Mazatlan to La Paz. There was a bit of a breezy night spent at anchorage just outside of La Paz, but nothing like last time we were there. 20-25 knot winds, but from the south so not a lot of wave action. It still makes for a restless night though.

We’ve been enjoying La Paz again, although it is different this time as we aren’t hanging out with people we had known for awhile. I’ve swung by the morning coffee social at the local cruisers club and recognize some blue hairs, but the few cruisers we’ve seen in our age range aren’t people we recognize. We’ll try to make some new friends, but for now we are planning to head north to an island just a few miles from here and sample some remote anchorages for a few days. We’ll probably take some jaunts from La Paz over the next few weeks and get the boat prepped a bit for some hot summer cruising with the possibility of strong summer winds in the Sea of Cortez.

For a little entertainment, here is a video for a song that we’ve incorporated into our cruising philosophy. We can’t adopt it as a theme, since our friends on Jace have renamed their boat Knee Deep. They are taking the summer off from the cruising lifestyle, but to the Doolittles, this one is for you!

Just a note on the location – we went into this bay try and anchor but it was the one spot we couldn’t get our anchor to set. We’ll try it again next time we pass by, it has a hillside of brightly colored homes that are visible when passing by off the coast.


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