Adios Amigos – for now…

It was a good run, but our decision to spend the summer in the Sea or Cortez brought our buddy boat fleet to an end. We’ve had a wonderful time and will miss our new friends terribly, but this is part of cruising. Even as Jace and Bella Star head south (with Panache to follow when Zach recovers from last night’s goodbye party) Jenn is thumbing through our guide book for the Sea of Cortez to make sure we really want to spend the summer there. Our friends are off to do the El Salvador Rally, which we have considered (with much encouragement). Meanwhile, we will wander back up Mexico’s Gold Coast, spend a little time back in our adopted home of La Cruz, then start working our way to La Paz for a jump north. Both groups have been encouraging the other to join them by stating the benefits of their plan. We were informed that boats are fixed for free in El Salvador, while we claimed in the Sea of Cortez the fish not only catch themselves, they clean and prepare themselves too.

Ben brings Jace to an anchorage in his Gortons Fisherman foulies

Molly, Mickey, JP and Ben from Jace

Mickey and JP on Jace even captured Minion on their Nintendo DS attempting to change our plans. This is a handheld video with a digital camera of the DS, complete with directors commentary. Pardon the video quality, but this had to be shared!

We though about continuing to Zihuatanejo, but it is close to 200 miles without the short hops we’ve gotten used to here on the Gold Coast. We’ll see it on our next trip south, but right now our plan is to get an early start on the Sea of Cortez so we can be heading back south a little earlier next year. Unless we go to Mazatlan for Carnival… It is hard to make these plans in advance. Even Jace and Bella Star are undecided about their plans after El Salvador, so we cling to the hope that we may see them up north with us in a couple of months.

Zach, back in the La Cruz phase of our trip.

But for now, we are on our own. There are the never ending boat projects to catch up on, some stops we missed on our way south to explore on our way back, some favorites to stop at again, and some old friends waiting back in La Cruz. But it will be a much different experience with out “Belvenache” and Jace as cruising partners. To Ben, Mollly, Mickey, JP, Aarron, Nicole and Zach – fair winds and following seas, thanks for enriching our cruising adventure, and we’ll miss you until our voyages cross wakes again. Our livers, however, won’t miss you!

A sad sight, Bella Star leaving while without us.

Ventured & Bella Star, dressed up for cruisers on New Years Eve


3 thoughts on “Adios Amigos – for now…

  1. It was a hell of a run guys! I’ve no doubt that our hooks will drop in the same anchorage again someday. We’re looking forward to hearing about your adventures up north!

  2. I miss you already! In fact, I missed you the second our anchor was up and we were pulling out of the anchorage. We had such fantastic times together over the past few months, and I’ll treasure those memories always. You guys are so awesome, and we’re lucky to have you as friends. 🙂

    Enjoy your time in the Sea–you’re going to love it. Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures up there. And have some Chopes and street tacos for us in La Cruz!

    Love, hugs and fair winds,

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