Yelapa in pictures

Despite my recent trashing of Yelapa on the blog, it was a scenic location. I didn’t go crazy with the photos, but here are a few to give you a visual or our experience there.

Local boys with an improvised water slide.

Why I haven't tried skimming the water on my boogie board, I don't need to bruise my butt on the beach.

Either a giant staircase, or a terraced hotel.

A scenic mooring field. We prefer anchoring.

From a little higher up, showing the estuary behind the beach.

A bird for Melissa to identify for us.

Yelapa "cars".

A sidestreet off of the main road, err, path.

Or course I take pictures of the animals.

Cutouts a woodshop making wooden bowls.

All this walking for a somewhat underwhelming waterfall, but it was refreshing!

Jenn rests at the waterfall.

I was afraid to hold my hand next to this spider for comparison as it was about as big as my palm.

Yelapa's slum district.

The required picture of Ventured from the beach.

Minion fell in the bleach.


And fade to sunset...


4 thoughts on “Yelapa in pictures

  1. Looks like i am too late to tell you it is a White Ibis, but i can add the latin name “Eudocimus Albus” Sounds like you are still an awful lot of fun!! Keep up the great posts!!

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