As the sharp eyed reader may notice, we’ve made a few changes to the blog (ie, we picked a new theme from a list of hundreds available). I’m also trying to post bigger pictures so you don’t have to click on the small ones to see a more viewable image. I still need to do a little fixing on the last post – or leave it and focus on future posts.

We’ve (and by we, I mean Jenn) added some widgets to the side bar including a Blog Roll of boats we’ve met and enjoy keeping up with both in person and online. Feel free to check out our friends – just as long as you don’t like their blogs better!

I’m attempting to go through my old posts and clean up the tags and categories so the blog will be a bit better organized. I know, exciting stuff but I have to come up with something to amuse myself with all my free time.

And just to keep up the visual interest, here is a picture for all of you dealing with Snowmagaddon back in Seattle.

Beach in Still Life (Photo Credit to Jenn)


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