Cabo, at last

After 2200 miles of sailing, we have reached Lands End – Cabo San Lucas Mexico. After a few days spent here soaking up sunshine and warm water, we are feeling the call of the wind and are preparing to sail on, now heading north. At least this time we will be going north up the inside of the Baja peninsula, inside the Sea of Cortez, and not exposed to vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean generating wind and waves we are sailing in. Not that there isn’t some weather concerns in the the Sea of Cortez, including hearing some very mixed weather forecasts right now. It is either light winds, or a storm. But at least the next anchorage is only about 45 miles away, a short sail by our standards at this point. Such is the difficulty of cruising.

I’ll get a wrap up of the Baha Haha up soon. It was a lot of fun, but we are glad to be done with sailing deadlines for a bit. And with motoring. And with overnight sailing. Several boats have already departed for La Paz, but we needed to catch up on some shopping and such here today and decided to just have a lazy day. We had moved the boat out to the anchorage last night after several days in what we were told was the second most expensive marina in the world (a fact I admit I have not verified or even tried to), but lucky us the economy is down a bit here and the prices were over half what they were last year. We needed to wash down the boat and fill water tanks, and with crew still on the boat and friends in town to visit we splurged. It did get a bit dicey getting back to the boat last night after a late dinner with Steven and Sean at a pleasant little beach front restaurant. We had caught a ride in with Lightspeed after my first ever sail on a catamaran, and they had returned to their boat, the water taxis weren’t running from the beach, and not many dinghies were left at the dinghy dock to try and mooch a ride with. I think we caught the last water taxi back to the anchorage. My next choice was to swim out the boat and deploy the dinghy and come get Jenn, but it would not have been easy in the dark in a rather rolly anchorage.

After another water taxi ride in today, we met up with Lela and Ian at their beach resort and spend some pool time, until they had to check out and fly back to Seattle. Then Jenn and I wandered into the non tourist area of Cabo, found a cheap streetfront taqueria to eat at, where I ordered something I had never heard of. It was tasty, kind of like a quesedilla with two tortillas filled with steak and cheese. Then we poked into various stores and found a few little sundries, and finally wound our way back to a supermarket we had found a couple days ago and got some groceries for the next week of sailing. After taking a shortcut through a mall filled with designer shops and boutiques looking at things we won’t be buying for quite awhile, we walked back to the resort to “borrow” some wifi on one of the better connections we have found in Cabo. We’ll head out to the boat after I post this for a sundown grill of some of the Darado we caught while sailing down here (pictures and details coming in the Haha post).

While Cabo San Lucas isn’t really our destination, reaching it and finishing the Haha feels like a goal achieved. Now we can really start cruising, no agenda, no organized events, and just our pace and destinations. The sun is hot, the water warm and swimmable, and we are feeling accomplished.


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