San Diego or bust

Cliche tourist picture

It has been an enjoyable few days of playing tourist here in Monterey, but the ocean is calling us back out.  That and our deadline to arrive in San Diego before the Baja Haha starts.  There has been some discussion about not needing the stress of sailing under a deadline, but we do have crew flying in expecting a sailboat to be there for them to get on, so south we go.  The plan is head out tomorrow evening, hoping to time a round of Point Conception early Saturday morning.  We’ve read it tends to be calmest that time of day, and we’ll take any advantage we can get rounding the “Cape Horn of the Pacific.”  Thanks for that confidence building description, Charlie’s Charts!  There is a positive side, the word is there is visible change in the water and weather coming as we progress south past the point.

Monterey has been fun, we spent a day wondering around checking out the touristy sites (it is amazing how many stores sell almost the same stuff), and another day at the aquarium.  I highly recommend a visit to the Moneterey Bay Aquarium if you are in the area, they even had a small great white shark in their open ocean tank.

No chance someone was going to pass this by. Hint, not me!

The otters were suitably cute, and the backlit jelly fish display was quite beautiful in a way you don’t expect jelly fish to be.  There was an enjoyable hour or so wondering around a little charity event street fair in support of animal rescues and petted some cute rescue dogs and rabbits.  The unexpected can be some of the most fun experiences. We also got together with Dawn and Patrick from Deep Playa for dinner and discovered some small world connections.  I find it amazing the that while traveling some 1400 miles ocean coast, not only have we run into boats that people told us to keep our eye open for, but have met people with personal connections.

Small Great White shark

We’ll be setting out tomorrow, the weather forecast in the morning will help us determine  the hour.  While we have a contingency plan in case we can’t quite make it, or goal is a 370 mile run straight to San Diego.  Depending on the wind, amount of motoring and conditions, this should take three to four days. It would feel great to knock off the final mileage, especially in one long run.  Time to see if I can’t get the wind vane to take a turn steering the boat.

Amazing jellyfish display

Then time for some provisioning, a last visit or two, or three to West Marine and it is off to Mexico to continue learning how to cruise in warmer weather.


1 thought on “San Diego or bust

  1. Hey Erlin I am at work reading your adventure to everyone at the office. Sounds like you & Jenn are having a goodtime. Hope this hurricane Jova isn’t a problem for you. I’ll keep readding the blog & keeping the gang aprised of your trip. Terri (Dr. Reite’s office)

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