Made it to Monterey

After an epic sail we pulled into Monterey last night around 10:00 pm – yes, another entry into an unknown harbor in the dark, although this one did not involve a bar crossing.  Just a shockingly narrow entrance into the marina basin.  We had calculated reaching the harbor at about 8:00 am this morning but obliterated our 4 knot average target speed.

Freshly showered this morning, we are off to play tourist.  Monterey was the one stop I really wanted to make on the trip down the coast, as I was here briefly years ago on a road trip and did not visit the aquarium.  I’ve been pining ever since to return and explore it, and finally I have the chance.  We’ll also hit the Trader Joes in town, my supply of Blue Cheese Pecan dip ran out a week or so into the voyage, and the stocks must be replenished.  It is probably time for some fresh veggies and such too, but I do have my priorities.

I’ll write up a recap of the trip down here later on, but for now we want to take get to the aquarium to maximize our time there and maybe still have some daylight to explore the town after our visit.


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