As I described in probably painstaking detail in my previous post, we entered Fort Bragg in the dark.  While it difficult to pick out details at times, it went fine and didn’t seem all that bad once we were inside.

Today I finally got a chance to walk across the bridge without pouring rain and look down on the entrance, and realized maybe we had just a bit of luck on our side.  I don’t usually go to the wrong side of navigation mark, but on occasion in local waters I’ve slid on the wrong side of one because I know I can get away with it.  I’ve now seen a mark that steering to the wrong side of would most likely be the end of your boat.  I suppose this is a bit of the local knowledge that the guide book was referencing.

Keep this red mark to starboard - no exceptions!

The tricky thing about keeping this mark to the correct side of the boat is how close the other mark is, you really are threading a needle running this bar, and even once you are inside it is quite narrow heading down to the marina.  Our boat is moored a couple hundred feet from the right edge of the second picture.

A narrow entrance


The channel to the marina after the entrance bar.

There isn’t a lot more to report, this has been a fairly uneventful stop over.  We’ve met some more cruisers but a lack of proximity has conspired against spending a lot of time together.  We did run into the crew of Deep Playa while walking by a Starbucks, I still marvel at how small world this cruising community can be.  The near constant rain literally has dampened my enthusiasm for boat projects, so we’ve kind of been holed

Minion demands his turn picking a movie

up on the boat reading and testing our inverter and battery bank by watching movies.  While at some point I know I had two of the adapters required for the shore power to boat power at this dock, I think I may have rid myself of both of them, one at a time both times thinking I had two so it would be fine to shed the extra.  Even though the solar is amazingly keeping up even with the rain and clouds, I broke out a simple extension cord today to at least power some of the 110 volt devices on the boat, primarily the TV and laptops.  We haven’t quite let go of our electronics addiction just yet.  I suspect running out of internet service will probably push us strongly in that direction.

One more day of either relaxing, or tackling some projects and we should be back on the open water on Friday with the weather forecast still looking favorable.  We can’t wait to sail downwind, and are tentativly planning a 48 hour run to Monteray, with a stop in Half Moon Bay if we need a break before we reach our planned destination.


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