Things I’ve learned

I’m only halfway to San Diego, but I’ve already learned a few things.  I  thought I would share a few of them for others considering the cruising lifestyle.

Marine wildlife such as dolphins, whales, and especially mermaids, know when you go below to get your camera, and hide.  Until you go below to put your camera away.  And no, they are not easily fooled.  Jenn thinks unicorns know to, but until we see one riding a dolphin over a rainbow, we won’t know for sure.

The wind knows where you are going, and will blow straight from that location in a successful attempt to make your journey as difficult as possible.  It will shift if you change destinations.

The weather forecast never improves after you start a journey.  It does, however, deteriorate.

When sailors with more experience behind you and not yet into the conditions you are in turn around, they might be onto something.

A forecast of 10-20 knot winds means 20 knot winds.  Maybe even a little more.

When trying to figure out a marina entrance to one side of the boat, don’t forget to look at what is on the other side of the boat.  Especially in the dark.

A weather forecast is a FORECAST.  Your actual reality may, no scratch that, will vary.

Other cruisers really are that nice.  Even some of the fishermen.

Favorable winds, flat seas, no fog, no rain – pick any one.  If you are lucky.

Being able to spin the boat 360 degrees with forward and reverse may be my only boat handling trick, but it is a remarkably useful one trick.

Glancing down at the GPS, then looking back up in heavy seas is a great way to find out just how much a face full of salt water spray stings.

Mom’s homemade pasta sauce, cookies and made from scratch brownies will get you through the worst.  Until they run out.  We are down to brownies, and they are being rationed.

There are lots of wonderful places to explore in port.  You just have to walk a few miles and across a bridge with no sidewalks, or make it to the quaint town 10 miles up the road.

This still beats going to work everyday, and I enjoyed my last job!


1 thought on “Things I’ve learned

  1. Hearing some scuttle butt that Fort Bragg is really tough to enter, and those I’m hearing from wouldn’t enter unless absolutley neccessary, so… You should feel you have done something challenging and succeeded. Not like sailing away was any small challenge. Good job guys!

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