Mendocino, Round Two

This post is half to test to see if I have WordPress and Facebook back in sync, and half to attempt to be more proactive about posting our plans rather than what we have done.  So, we are off to bed at 5:00 pm for about four hours of sleep, than up to catch the tide out of Eureka at 10:00 pm, and yet another bar crossing.  Driving out should be easy, we now have three tracks on the GPS in and out of Eureka.

Once out, there should be a weather window till Monday, when we plan to arrive at Bodega Bay where we will probably have to hole up for a couple days.  The good news is the long term forecast includes northerlies on Thursday, which could bring us some downwind sailing towards our destination.  The other positive news about this jump is it will put almost a third of our remaining miles behind us, leaving just over 400 miles to San Diego.  It should be take about 36 hours, but it will feel great to finally be over the halfway point and finally start to feel like we are really making progress.

The Spot should be back on around 10:00 pm for all of you insomniacs!


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