Time in Port equals boat projects and a blog post

For those following our progress on the Spot – check on on Thursday. We are currently sitting in Eureka, waiting for a weather window to continue our slow migration south. The forecasts are looking like Thursday will be the first day things are favorable for us, currently there are small craft advisories in affect for some of the waters just south of us until Wednesday night.

I think I see why the pump was leaking

So that means boat projects, yesterday I rebuilt the manual bilge pump, added sealant to the holes in the deck where the rigging comes down and is fastened (chainplates for the sailors reading along), and added some tension to the windvane lines. By evening I halfheartedly cleaned a drawer and the navigation station, but both need some more attention tonight. Or tomorrow. Time gets a little blurry with days in port. I also noticed an alignment issue with the windvane that I want to tackle today, but it is going to involve blowing up the dinghy or using the kayak, less stable and much wetter, but a lot less work to get off and on the boat. Between projects I look at the weather forecasts over and over, and talk to other cruisers about weather, departure times and the next destination. There might be a chapter or two of a book read somewhere in schedule, I need to work my way through my stack so I can start trading my paperbacks for new ones.

Minion is no help on boat projects

We did explore Eureka a bit on our first day here, but it involves a long walk across a bridge with no sidewalk which we aren’t dying to do again. We found the downtown area in decline, many closed businesses and sketchy people on the streets. There were some wonderful old wood houses but not much do besides walk by them and look at the outside. There is a newer area with a mall and Costco, but it would involve a long hike to get to. Sitting on the boat working on projects costs a lot less than going to town, and is more productive so we’ve been keeping to the boat. We do get a steady stream of wildlife here, pelicans, egrets, harbor seals and the ever present seagulls.

A pelican on the tug next to us

An egret takes flight


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