And then there were two (and Minion)

Round two of ocean voyaging has been completed.  We are now in scenic Coos Bay (sarcastic).

I think this may be the armpit of Oregon.  We are ducked in waiting for some better weather to try a long 35 hour jump to Eureka so we can tick off another state and start enjoying California.   We will be making this trip just the two of us, as David needed to return to Spokane to tend to his fledgling business.  It was great having him along to help us get started, but at some point it was going to be just us, so now is as good a time as any.  To help us ease into the duo cruising era, we have began to buddy boat with the guys we met in Newport, Scott and Jarrid on Reisender.  After docking next to them in Newport we are again tied next to them here in Coos Bay, and are discussing the run to Eureka together.  I’m also trying to fun down one of the guys I met at West Marine who is a couple days ahead of us on a San Juan 30 named Spica.

Based on our experiences so far, and the loss of the third crew member we look to be altering our original plan of a long non stop cruise from Seattle to San Diego.  We are now in harbor hopping mode, which helps us stay in better weather and lets us play tourist along the way.  We have to keep up the pace to make it to San Diego for the Haha, but don’t have to rush as we still have about a month before the start.  I would like to make in the next couple weeks, giving us a little time to provision and work on the boat in San Diego.

The trip from Newport to Coos Bay was pretty uneventful, other than a 4:30 am departure time.  We had a very smooth bar crossing, cleared the safe water mark and motored south.  We were able to sail on a nice reach for a few hours mid day, but then the wind clocked behind us and faded, so it was back to the engine.  We were a tad bit late on the tide with our arrival to the Coos Bay entrance, but it was still a smooth crossing.  After threading through some rather tight navigation markers we tied up just ahead for Reisender who had left about 7 hours ahead of us.  David began arranging a taxi-bus-public transit-plane trip home, while we chatted travel plans with Scott and Jarrid.  Today was spent with showers, laundry, a trip to the store where $4.19 loafs of bread made us decide to so with the tortillas on the boat, and a long walk to a chandlery for oil so I can do a change tomorrow morning since the motor has become a bigger part of the trip than I anticipated.  There may have been a nap and some reading along the way… no need to rush everything.

Jenn - "Ohh, free internet! Oh wait..."

We found a happy hour with free Wi-Fi and bargain $1.50 Hamms where I am able to make a couple posts to the blog.  We’ve also been checking the weather and looking at a departure sometime tomorrow of early Friday to get to Eureka before the weather sours again.

One final note – Jackie and Leif, can you email us?  Ventured at g mail, we’ve tried to send you an email and can’t get one to go through, we would like to chat about your trip down the coast.


2 thoughts on “And then there were two (and Minion)

  1. I see you are still in Coos, but the gribs show that you need to get your skates on because the weather window will close late Friday. You need to get south around Blanco and St George. I don’t know if you have internet (I bought some time on Fishnet while there) you could ee the gribs, it I knew your cell I could txt.
    Good luck

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