Homeless at last

Cutting the dock lines

This is the post I’ve waited years to write, although when I started talking about sailing off to the tropics Blog wasn’t a word.  Today at 2:00 pm, we cut the dock lines and sailed (motored, I won’t lie) away from a borrowed slip in Lake Union.  It’s funny, since we had already left our slip at the beginning of the month, in a way it didn’t feel like we were leaving “home,” even though the slip we were staying in was only 100 feet away. A few friends came down to see us off, and promptly got put to work stowing the kayak and hanging the radar reflector.  Finally we had enough gear stowed to make us comfortable with leaving, had a little dock line cutting photo op, and set off.  Through the locks, and out to Shilshole where we hoisted sails, and promptly ran out of wind.

After motoring a bit the wind picked back up and we were able to sail down to Eagle Harbor on

One last home cooked meal

Bainbridge Island.  My sister and her boyfriend picked us up, inspected the boat, and then took us to Mom’s for a last home cooked meal.  We’ll stay here tonight, even though it feels weird not spending our first night of cruising on the boat, but we made some acquaintances on the public dock so hopefully they will keep their eye on the boat.  Even Minion was making some new friends!

Minion makes a friend

Tomorrow it starts for real, we’ll pick David up in the morning. He is a high school friend who has always promised to help me with the first leg of my trip. We’ll head north with probably a quick stop in Port Towsend for fuel and a last trip through West Marine, then out the straight and hopefully around the corner.  If not, we’ll anchor in Neah Bay with all the others waiting for a weather window and work on boat projects.  I never have to worry about nothing to do, there is always boat projects to stave off boredom.

I did splurge for a new camera with some help from Jenn, so there should be more photos on the blog.  If you appreciate the pictures, donations can be sent care of Erlin’sCruisingFund@SailboatVentured.World.  Or just make kind comments.

And speaking of gadgets, we seem to have stowed our Spot a little too well, I”ll find it tomorrow and we’ll  be online to track out progress.  Nothing too interesting yet, just a short jog down the sound.  It will be up and running as the trip gets more interesting.


2 thoughts on “Homeless at last

  1. Your home is what your taking with you. Just think of it as having a much bigger back yard. Glad I could help out with the last minutes and see you off. Miss having you around but happy your making it all happen. Hope to see you out there at some point.

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