When do we start having fun?

Jenn asked this a day or so ago, after days of pushing to complete projects to prepare the boat. Exhaustion had set in days ago, but we kept pushing, working longer days then when we had jobs.  And when I was asked about having fun, I didn’t really have an answer, other than “Mexico?”

This was a couple days ago, and we are feeling better now.  I’ve had my first cold beer from the new fridge, and it was worth the time and effort.  The new standing rigging is up, with a few odds and ends left to complete, although at least one of them may be on the complicated side.  Andy is swinging by tomorrow night to help install the radar.  It seems a tremendous amount of progress has been in the last couple days, even if some items aren’t going quite as I would like, such as having to extend the never empty storage unit for a few days in the hopes I can finally post a picture of it completely empty.

As far as having fun, I know the time will come.  Buying a boat and leaving on a bluewater cruise a year later is a tight schedule, and I’ll admit I didn’t get serious about prepping the boat until we registered for the Baja Haha a few months ago.  But here we are, almost all the needed gear purchased, and ticking off items as we install them.  At times, I wonder if I’ve chosen to add items I don’t need on the boat, if I should have just focused on seaworthy, and skipped some luxuries like refrigeration.  But if I can get everything installed and working, I think it will be worth it.  There will be times when a little luxury will a long way towards making us feel like we have a home in strange port.  And we are enjoying the sense of accomplishment from completing tasks, or at least getting them 99% done.

It is a cliche, but if this were easy we would all be doing it.  While there are more tasks to accomplish than I feel like I can write down at the moment, we are slowing crossing items off the list, and will soon have enough done to cut those dock lines.  And that will be fun.


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