So close to cold beer

The good news, the refrigeration system is installed, the compressor and plate are bolted down and connected to each other, and power is wired to the compressor.  I powered it on, and after some fits and starts and checking the instructions to find 3 blinks of the LED can occur on start up but should, and did stop, the plate in the icebox is getting cold.

The bad news is I have tools strewn everywhere, and I kind of have a parts that need to be actually installed, like the thermostat which is currently laying on a bag of rice in the food locker.  Tomorrow I’ll cut a new hole or two in the boat to install it, and tidy up all the wiring and copper tubing running throughout the galley lockers.  And put some beer in the fridge to see if this system was worth the money.


3 thoughts on “So close to cold beer

  1. Looks like things are progressing, the first big step is cold beer, everything else is secondary! When do you plan to leave Seattle?

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