Progress at last

I want to write a long post about the mental challenge of preparing a boat on short notice for sailing to the tropics, or around the world, or whatever it is we end up doing.  But we are both pushing exhaustion on a daily basis right now, and I just don’t have the time or energy for the post I want to write.  However – today was a good day.  Granted, a major part of the progress was spending $175 on four chunks of stainless steel, but they solved a problem I was not having any luck making progress on, and we now have a shiny arch that is believe it or not, 100% installed.    I may detail that in another post, but the short version is that Seadog makes stainless steel 1″ and 1.25″ fittings that don’t work together, and I didn’t know this when I ordered all the fittings to install the arch.  But at this point, who cares, it is up, and tomorrow we are hoping to install the solar panels on the arch with the mounts I spent my evening fabricating.  We even had time to install new screens in the windows, which will be very nice in warmer climates with lots of bugs.  Oh, and Jenn did some touch up painting in the never ending icebox saga.

To top it all off, we went to pick up some takeout food since the kitchen is torn apart for the fridge install, and won $50 in pull tabs (while spending $15,  to give full disclosure) so we had a free dinner and tossed $5 cash into the boat fund. Yes, the free dinner was a bit more exciting than the $5 boat fund contribution, but after the money we had to spend today neither of us is complaining.

Pictures of the arch and hopefully solar panels coming soon.  Ventured is starting to look like a cruising boat from the outside!  Sadly, the inside still looks like hurricane Irene landed in a very localized Lake Union location.





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