So much progress!

Wow…  It has been a busy weekend.  This is my 5th sailboat (not 4th, as I previously posted, but I’m too lazy to go edit that post rather than correct myself here), and for the first time ever, I have a working windlass.  The new piece of wood is cut to size, screwed and epoxied in place, and the windlass is is bolted to the bow.  It seems to work, at least for pulling all the chain back into the locker off the dock after I pulled it all out to see how much was actually on the boat (approx 125′).  Sadly the old chain is too short, and there is enough rust on some of the links that I don’t feel comfortable using it long term, so another trip to West Marine is in order.


How did I end up with so much stuff?

Saturday morning we were up early, and off to the dreaded storage unit.  We worked for a few hours, emptied out multiple boxes, collected a bag of garbage, and put everything we had left back in.  There was no evidence of progress, and in fact, I think it looks slightly worse than when we started.

At the start...

Despite the appearances,   progress was made.  A big chunk of stuff is ready to head off to for donations, mostly some boxes we missed when we did the yard sale.  And Jenn has a tote full of things to keep that will be stored somewhere safe.  I returned on Sunday for a few more hours and have a couple totes of accumulated life I’ll be storing, and weeded through a few more boxes.

Storage 3

... and after hours of work

Once I take the boxes for donation and get rid of some car camping gear I won’t be using anymore as I am selling the car soon, I should have some room to really dig into what goes on the boat out of the remaining items.

Distilling my life to fit on a 37 foot boat has certainly been one of the more challenging aspects of preparing for cruising. I admit to being a bit sentimental, and while I have no desire to bring high school yearbooks cruising, I’m not ready to dump them in the trash (or recycle bin, as we would do here in Seattle with paper products). There are so many little items I’ve accumulated over the years, souvenirs from travel, reminders of events, little items that have meaning like my Matchbox MR2, and several large boxes of photos from my camera work before the digital revolution. I realize won’t ever need these items later in life, but for some curious reason I’m the type that derives some joy from occasionally revisiting all of these things. I suspect having a small family and no children means items from my past are more important to me than to others, as I don’t have as much family as most to reminisce with. And or course you find the occasional item that you think, why did I put this in a box and put it in storage? I’m certainly pushing to get the storage unit cleaned out, but I suspect the last box might go in the trash (or recycle bin) as I walk down the dock to cast off the lines when I leave.

Resuming boat projects, not philosophy lessons, I also spent quite a bit of time this weekend working on upgrading the insulation on the icebox so the refridgeration we are installing will be efficient and hopefully not be a huge drain on our batteries. However, the details of this will have to wait for the next post as I rather smugly believe I have a great title for it, and I need to quit typing and actually finish up the job!


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