As of today, Ventured has shiny new stainless steel lifelines. Of course, the project is 95% complete rather than actually finished. I still need to install the lower gates in the two openings on either side of the boat. There are gates on the top, which I would consider sufficient for sailing on the lake or Puget Sound, but for offshore I plan on adding lower gates.

For those curious about the details, I opted to use uncoated 1×19 3/16 inch 316 stainless steel lines. I considered using 1/4 inch wire, but after some research decided the 3/16 inch is plenty strong, as well as saving enough money for a few weeks of cruising.

Cost wise, the whole project came in at $358, and that includes a couple pieces I had to buy twice because of a learning curve. I was able to re-use two Wichard loops at the gates, although in the grand scheme that was a few dollars of savings. Thanks to Stuart who spent a day helping me out, and saved me a tidy sum on swaging costs.

I’m thrilled with the appearance, the stainless steel lines are less visible than the vinyl coated white lines, and less susceptible to corrosion to boot. I hope we never need them to be a line that saves a life, but I feel good knowing they are there if they are needed.

One project, almost done!


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